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Archive for December 2011

Carepartner Teleconference: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

Posted by pae on 8th December 2011

Caring for someone with a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis can be deeply satisfying. Spouses and partners, family, and friends can be drawn more closely together by their shared concerns and collaborative efforts. But caregiving can also be physically and emotionally exhausting, particularly for the primary caregiver. While this is most often a partner or spouse, the primary caregiver may also be an adult child, parent, or friend. Whoever you are, remember that paying attention to your own health and well-being is essential to being able to care for someone else. This teleconference discusses the challenges and rewards of being a carepartner, as well as coping strategies, tips on stress management, managing multiple roles, preserving relationships, and finding support.


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